Beaver Pond Farm Beef

Beaver Pond Beef is the finest beef in the Atlanta area. The cows at Beaver Pond Farm are rotated between 3 farms on a diet of cool season grasses and Clover in the spring, Bermuda and Russell Bermuda in the Summer, and then back to cool season grasses in the Fall. Throughout the Winter, the cows are fed Winter Graze and Russell Bermuda from our hay fields. Russell Bermuda is a Hybrid Bermuda typically used in the horse industry because of its high quality. Once our steers reach the correct size, they are placed in smaller pastures and their diet is supplemented with a special local grown blend of corn, soybeans, and cotton seed meal. The corn supplies the carbohydrates and the combination of soybeans and cotton seed supply around 16 percent protein. The steers are on this diet between 60 to 70 days, before their diet is changed to a much higher proportion of corn in order to increase marbling and tenderness.


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